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摘要:2019 Taiwan Autumn Auction Boutique Recommended:Egg Fossil 广东省锦恒博物馆推出【藏荐】栏,为藏品强大的传播效应,向各位买家推荐经国家一级鉴定专家甄选的艺术臻品, 为藏品牵线搭桥,让千

2019 Taiwan Autumn Auction Boutique Recommended:Egg Fossil


广东省锦恒博物馆推出【藏·荐】栏,为藏品强大的传播效应,向各位买家推荐经国家一级鉴定专家甄选的艺术臻品, 为藏品牵线搭桥,让千百件艺术珍品价值被发掘与重视,在拍卖会上得以高价成交!  


The Jinheng Museum of Guangdong Province launched the “Tibetan·Recommended” column, which is a powerful communication effect for the collection. It recommends to the buyers the art products selected by the national first-class appraisal experts, and draws bridges for the collections, so that the value of thousands of art treasures is discovered. With the attention, the auction can be sold at a high price!







[name]Egg Fossil

[Specifications] 1 piece

[category] Miscellaneou



  ossils are the only object of paleontology research. Paleontology is different from current biology. It can only use the latter to study and restore the morphological characteristics, living habits, spatial and temporal distribution of organisms during the geological history through fossils. The internal structural characteristics, The classification position, evolution direction and extinction mechanism are put forward. So without fossils, paleontologists can not start work. Several important laws in biology, such as evolutionary theory, also use fossils as the main evidence. The biological world itself is a unified entity. Without organisms from the geological and historical periods, it is impossible to establish a complete biological classification system or to study the laws of biological evolution


   In short, fossils are the remains or remains of creatures of the distant past. In the long Geological years, countless creatures had lived on the earth. The remains or lives of these creatures after their death were traces of the remains, many of which were buried by the sediment of the time. In the following years, the organic matter in the remains of these creatures was decomposed, and hard parts such as shells, bones, branches, and leaves were fossilized into stones along with the surrounding sediments. However, their original form, structure(even some subtle internal structures) still remain; Similarly, the traces of life left by those creatures can be preserved in this way. We call these fossilized biological remains and remains fossils.




 Egg fossils


This egg fossil will soon be auctioned in Taiwan, with great collection value, will set off the market, please look forward to!


It will be auctioned in Taiwan in the near future.


Coming soon.










This collection will be auctioned in Taiwan in mid August!

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Official identification of interactive micro-signals: 17620982474 Learn to exchange and trade antiques and antiques, and promote Chinese traditional culture

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Ⅴ、雅昌网  Ⅵ、中国头条  Ⅶ、今日头条  

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Promotion media

I, Global Finance Network II, Sina Network III, Phoenix Network IV, NetEase

V, Yachang Net VI, China Headlines VII, Today's headlines

VIII, WeC hat public platform IX, So hu.com and other at least 80 media promotion




[陶瓷] 高古瓷、元明清瓷器、民国名瓷、现代毛瓷及大师精品瓷器,紫砂壶。


[玉石] 古玉、明清玉、现代玉、翡翠、田黄、鸡血石。


[字画] 历代名人名家书画、现当代书画、各派系名家字画。


[杂项] 古籍善本、金银铜器、奇石雕件、文房用品、佛像。


[家具] 明清各种材质的硬木家具,以紫檀、海南黄花梨及金丝楠木等名贵材料为主。


Collection range:

[Ceramic] Gaogu Porcelain, Yuan Mingqing Porcelain, Republic of China, Modern Porcelain and Master Fine Porcelain, Zisha Pot.


[Jade] Ancient jade, Ming and Qing jade, modern jade, jade, Tianhuang, bloodstone.


[Words and Calligraphy] Famous celebrity paintings and calligraphy, modern and contemporary paintings, and various factions and calligraphy.


[Miscellaneous] Ancient books, gold and silver bronzes, stone carvings, stationery, Buddha statues.


[Furniture] The hardwood furniture of various materials in the Ming and Qing Dynasties is mainly composed of precious materials such as red sandalwood, Hainan huanghuali and golden nanmu.